G'Day I'm the Aussie Dog Walker. All my life I have been a big animal lover, but for the past few years in Australia I have spent much of my time looking after and walking dogs in Sydney.

I have experience helping to train dogs for the short film and television industry in Australia; works include 'Bush Hunt', 'Out and Back' and 'Brotherly Love'.

Over the years I have had experience with many dog breeds, in country situations I've worked with sheep and cattle dogs. I have also worked with the Australia Dingo (Wild Dog). In Sydney I walked dogs in suburban and inner city areas both on and off the leash. Other animal experience includes many different species of native Australian wildlife, including, Quolls, Goannas, Water Dragons, Possums, Wallabies, Bilbies, Blue Tongs and even snakes.

Now I'm bringing my unique skills and experience to the dogs of Manhattan and their owners.

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