A private walk lets your dog get out of the house and get aerobic exercise which it needs to stay in top shape while getting the individual attention that some animals often crave. This option is also for dogs who are not sociable and don't act well around other dogs. Only your dog(s) is walked in private walk and allows the Aussie Dog Walker to pay special attention to your dogs behavior and needs.

Your dog is walked to get the aerobic exercise it needs, gets a chance to do it's business and your dog is walked in a small group of no more than 4 dogs where it gets to socialize and make friends with the other dogs in the group. When possible your dog is walked with a regular group so that friendships can develop between dogs in that group.

As well as regular aerobic exercise, dogs large and small need to work to exercise their canine instincts and skills, by playing simple games like fetch or tug-a-war with a pulling rope your dog can keep in touch with its doggy nature. These things help to keep your dog in top shape. This care can occur in your home or in a park depending on your dog and your location.

After your dog returns from its exercise session it can be fed in your home. Other feeding times can be arranged for times when you are away for an extended period of time. If this is the case your dog will have a short indoor play session of 10-15 minutes, it will be taken outside to do its business and of course be fed in a comfortable homely environment.

The Aussie Dog Walker has experience with all sorts of animals great and small. In home feeding can occur during the day while your at work or other times when your out of town. Whether it's a bird, lizard, cat, dog or baby crocodile, The Aussie Dog Walker has handled them all. Feeding times, requirements and rates are different for each animal. So call to find out a price and arrange a meeting.

While your away from your home for a period of time, the Aussie Dog Walker can come by your place and serve your furry friend food and fresh water. This service also includes a litter box change where required and takes about 20 - 30 minutes.

For more information on the Aussie Dog Walker and services, please make contact via the Contact Page